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kelseydo painting

As you have probably noticed I move through hobbies pretty quickly. People who actually maintain hobbies would probably think of my fleeting hobby keeping practices as slanderous (thus, hobby crimes). I did enjoy painting with oil and acrylic for a while. I even stretched my own canvas a few times! I still have my easel, brushes and paints but I haven’t painted anything for about three years.

When I first moved out of my parent’s house and into an apartment the walls were pretty bare, the posters I had in high school were getting kind of tacky looking and pieces of art were not in the budget. This is around the time I started painting, basically out of necessity to cover the walls. A couple of my paintings are still hanging in my old roommates flat. None of the paintings I’ve done hang in my new place, probably because I share it with a good photographer whose photographs are better than my paintings.

Here are some of my paintings:

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kelseydo paintball

I have to admit I was pretty nervous about paint ball. I had never been before and I was mainly scared about how much the paint balls would hurt.

We met up with the gang at North Shore Paintball and got our gear on- old mechanic shop suits, a mask, gun and paint balls.

After one of the guys that worked there gave us his spiel about how ‘its super easy to lose an eye’, the group that was playing before us came out and one of the guys was bleeding from his forehead. At this point I was vibrating with anxiety.

If you look closely, that's yellow paint on his 'stache

Looking good in the old mechanic threads

I think he's done this before...

Little did I know I was actually pretty awesome at paintball. I shot a lot of people but I rarely got shot, and when I did, I got shot in the face on the mask so it didn’t even hurt.

This was not the same for Nick, who afterwards was as badly bruised as a banana at the bottom of a backpack. Since it was his birthday, we played a game called Terminator. So it was everyone against Nick. Usually you can ‘die’ by getting hit once with a paint ball, but Nick was ‘immortal’ for this game. Basically we just pummeled him with as many paint balls as possible until he called mercy. He called mercy a lot sooner than I thought he would. I guess those paint  balls hurt pretty bad.

Next time we play paintball, I’m going to outfit Nick with a human sized Banana Guard.

Part of the Crew taking a Break

The Grill Master

If this is what I do to my best friend, imagine what I do to my enemies!

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