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Kelseydo wire bracelets

When I was in high school my friend’s mom made a lot of jewelry. There was a whole room dedicated to it in her house. I never thought to ask what she did with it: Christmas presents? Etsy? I don’t think Etsy existed then. One Sunday we spent hours making wire bracelets with her equipment. Pretty easy to make as long as the memory wire is the right size and the right length. Pliers of some kind help as well. You turn one end of the wire over to make a ‘knot’, then choose your beads and string them on one by one, then you close the other end by turning the wire over on itself again.

I made this bracelet a couple years ago. I added a some misfit jewelry (solo earrings) to make it a little more personal:

© Nick Carota

This is the bracelet I made last night. The wire wasn’t the right size so I had to bend it a bit so that’s why it’s wonky. I had some vintage-looking buttons that I added for some excitement:

© Nick Carota

© Nick Carota

As you can see I’m wearing a couple other bracelets in these photos as well. I find that the wire bracelets look the best when they’re layered like that. Although, I found this sweet wire bracelet on Etsy which could be worn alone. It’s described as ‘a fiesta for your wrist’:

by OneEyeCatStudio

Whoa, lookout wrist! I like the wire that has been used in this bracelet. It’s a bit more substantial than the one I used. The turquoise looks great, plus there are some vintage beads for character, some Czech glass flowers and don’t forget the skulls/crosses.

I don’t wear the wire bracelets I made all that often, but they’re great gifts and you can make them in the time it takes to watch a Bollywood movie.

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