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kelseydo painting

As you have probably noticed I move through hobbies pretty quickly. People who actually maintain hobbies would probably think of my fleeting hobby keeping practices as slanderous (thus, hobby crimes). I did enjoy painting with oil and acrylic for a while. I even stretched my own canvas a few times! I still have my easel, brushes and paints but I haven’t painted anything for about three years.

When I first moved out of my parent’s house and into an apartment the walls were pretty bare, the posters I had in high school were getting kind of tacky looking and pieces of art were not in the budget. This is around the time I started painting, basically out of necessity to cover the walls. A couple of my paintings are still hanging in my old roommates flat. None of the paintings I’ve done hang in my new place, probably because I share it with a good photographer whose photographs are better than my paintings.

Here are some of my paintings:

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