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kelsey do half-marathon training

Recently I was inspired by a friend to train for a half-marathon. I have jogged before in the past so it wasn’t an insane idea, but I am not too good at maintaining a schedule after about a week so it has been challenging. Nick and I decided we would train for the Seawheeze Lululemon Half-Marathon on August 11th. Then I checked out the entrance fee and decided rather than paying $350 to run 21km, we would just do our own race, that we have nicknamed “the anti-lulu”. We are training simply to finish, so the training is pretty straightforward. I used the book “Running Start to Finish” by John Stanton to sort out the training schedule.

Please note that when I say run, I mean jog. I am the slowest runner in the nation. Nick has a hard time running as slow as I do and has to jog on the spot sometimes so I can keep up to him. In all fairness the man is 6’5″ and I am 5’7″, there is a slight leg span advantage in his favor. But don’t be fooled, I run slowly. One of my friends on Pinterest has a quote pinned that says “it doesn’t matter how slow you run you are still lapping the people on the couch”. I’m not about to speed up.

Nick puts up with a lot of my B.S. in general, but he puts up with most of it on our runs. I try not to complain to much, but I will come up with any possible reason take a break during our runs.

Running Excuses

We are on week 4 of our training program! I hope it gets easier…

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kelseydo vietnamese phở bò

Nick and I travelled to Vietnam for three weeks last Summer and took an amazing cooking class at the Morning Glory restaurant and cooking school in Hoi An. (Check out our photos of Hoi An here!) I highly recommend getting Miss Vy’s cookbook, the recipes are delicious and easy to follow. The hardest part is getting fresh ingredients. Some things that are really popular in Vietnamese cooking just aren’t available in Canada. I find a lot of ingredients for asian style cooking at Osaka Supermarket in West Van, but sometimes I have to chose dried ingredients or make substitutions. Earlier tonight I attempted making phở bò. It was a great night for it since Nick has just got his wisdom teeth out and can’t eat much more than soup at the moment. It tasted pretty good but I know I can improve on it- the broth was a bit too strong and unfortunately my Thai Basil wasn’t quite ready to harvest so we used Sweet Genovese instead. I actually never ate phở in Vietnam because there were too many new and exciting foods to try there and we have lots of good phở places at home (Le Petit Saigon and Thai Hang are some of my favorites in Vancouver). I would love to go on another serious eating spree in Hoi An, but I’m sure there are plenty of amazing Vietnamese restaurants right here in my city.

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kelseydo veggie garden

Over the weekend Nick’s family and I planted vegetables from small plants and seeds in our shared vegetable garden. We are hoping to grow some kale, corn, carrots, broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, red peppers, squash and peas. I also moved the herbs that I had been growing in trays out to the garden. It’s ridiculous that I feel like some kind of green mad scientist doing a crazy herb experiment when people do this all the time in their backyards/windowsills and it is no big deal. I’m hoping that people in the city who would never think to try growing their own herbs or vegetables will read this and think: If this chick can do this, I can definitely do this.

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So far the best part of growing my own herbs is the never-ending Mint leaves aka Mojitos!

I’ve been making Mojitos in a different way recently and they are definitely not as sweet/sour/tart as I used to make them but they are way more refreshing. Also you can drink more of them and they are just as boozy! I recommend you give this recipe a try, let me know what you think:

Image via the daily news


Refreshing Mojitos

*Makes 2 servings

1. Fill martini shaker half way with ice cubes

2. Pour in 3 oz light rum (I use Bacardi)

3. Pick 10 fresh mint leaves and break them up into pieces before putting them in the shaker

4. Squeeze in juice of half a lime

5. Add 1 1/2 oz of simple syrup (I make this by stirring 2 teaspoons of sugar in a cup of boiling water)

6. Put the shaker together and shake it up for about 30 seconds

7. Pour the mixture in the shaker over ice in a tall glass (or a short glass for more of a liquor kick)

8. Top the glass with soda water and add a quarter of a lime on the rim of the glass

Cheers! I am now incredibly thirsty.

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kelseydo men’s taper haircut

The last time I cut Nick’s hair I accidentally shaved a big round circle into the back of his head. It was pretty bad…I might as well have wrote my initials in there. Luckily he is tall so not a lot of people could see up there and also hair grows pretty damn fast so it was only really brutal for the first few days.

This weekend I got a hair cutting lesson from my brother. Dylan isn’t really one to care too much about how he looks so I was pretty curious how he knew so much about hair styling. He told me he just watched what they do at the hair salon and remembered the steps. Like it’s that easy. Here I’ve been drinking wine and pouring my heart out to my stylist when really I should just shut up and take mental notes on what she’s doing so I can eventually cut my own hair (not happening!).

I tried the taper haircut technique on Dylan and Nick. I think it turned out pretty good.

They both really like their new hair cuts. Now that they trust me to cut their hair I can work them into letting me give them a faux-hawk, flat top or a fade just like I’ve always wanted to!

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kelseydo painting

As you have probably noticed I move through hobbies pretty quickly. People who actually maintain hobbies would probably think of my fleeting hobby keeping practices as slanderous (thus, hobby crimes). I did enjoy painting with oil and acrylic for a while. I even stretched my own canvas a few times! I still have my easel, brushes and paints but I haven’t painted anything for about three years.

When I first moved out of my parent’s house and into an apartment the walls were pretty bare, the posters I had in high school were getting kind of tacky looking and pieces of art were not in the budget. This is around the time I started painting, basically out of necessity to cover the walls. A couple of my paintings are still hanging in my old roommates flat. None of the paintings I’ve done hang in my new place, probably because I share it with a good photographer whose photographs are better than my paintings.

Here are some of my paintings:

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