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kelseydo chicken stock

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my boyfriend Nick is the chef around these parts. He makes dinner every night. Sometimes I help by making salad or shredding cheese or drinking wine. He is an amazing cook and the food he makes is always so inspired and delicious. How am I supposed to compete with that? The answer is, I don’t. I just let him cook.

Nick's Chick

For instance, check out this roasted chicken he just made- it’s magical. He doesn’t even the google the recipe (the only way I make ANYTHING). He just finds stuff around the kitchen and shoves it in the chicken. This chicken has a whole pear shoved up its ass- genius! A little rosemary from the garden, and some lemon juice, salt and pepper. Maybe this sounds easy and obvious to you but for me this IS like rocket science.

I watched my mom make her own chicken stock and then some chicken + quinoa soup last week so I feel like I have the confidence to do it myself. ITS EASY she says. EASY FOR YOU I say.

Last time I made soup it was french onion. I burned the onions but decided they were still good (no they’re not). I put them in the soup with the cheesy croutons and I thought it looked pretty good. Nick took one taste and said ‘Did you burn the onions?’, I told him they might’ve been a little crisp. He wouldn’t eat the rest of it and I don’t blame him. My pride got the best of me in the moment and I ate that whole damn bowl of burnt onion soup.

Later on we were talking in bed and I smelled something burning…it was my breath.

Nick once convinced me that french onion soup takes four months to make. He explained that it was discovered somewhere in the south of france when some vagabonds came upon a cottage where the homeowner had died in the middle of making soup and had been dead for nearly half a year. The vagabonds tasted the soup and it was the most delicious thing they had ever tasted. The end.

I am very gullible. Nick is a big fat liar.

ANYWAYS- chicken stock is easy. You just throw a whole chicken carcass into a big pot and cover it with cool water.  Then you chop up celery, onions, carrots and throw them in the pot. Add some salt and pepper to season. Bring it all to a boil and then simmer for 4 hours.

Now you have chicken stock…and you can do whatever you want with it (AKA get your boyfriend to make you dinner with it).

kelseydo soup

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Kelseydo wire bracelets

When I was in high school my friend’s mom made a lot of jewelry. There was a whole room dedicated to it in her house. I never thought to ask what she did with it: Christmas presents? Etsy? I don’t think Etsy existed then. One Sunday we spent hours making wire bracelets with her equipment. Pretty easy to make as long as the memory wire is the right size and the right length. Pliers of some kind help as well. You turn one end of the wire over to make a ‘knot’, then choose your beads and string them on one by one, then you close the other end by turning the wire over on itself again.

I made this bracelet a couple years ago. I added a some misfit jewelry (solo earrings) to make it a little more personal:

© Nick Carota

This is the bracelet I made last night. The wire wasn’t the right size so I had to bend it a bit so that’s why it’s wonky. I had some vintage-looking buttons that I added for some excitement:

© Nick Carota

© Nick Carota

As you can see I’m wearing a couple other bracelets in these photos as well. I find that the wire bracelets look the best when they’re layered like that. Although, I found this sweet wire bracelet on Etsy which could be worn alone. It’s described as ‘a fiesta for your wrist’:

by OneEyeCatStudio

Whoa, lookout wrist! I like the wire that has been used in this bracelet. It’s a bit more substantial than the one I used. The turquoise looks great, plus there are some vintage beads for character, some Czech glass flowers and don’t forget the skulls/crosses.

I don’t wear the wire bracelets I made all that often, but they’re great gifts and you can make them in the time it takes to watch a Bollywood movie.

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kelseydo interview with white water kayaker

My brother has three main hobbies: video games, motorcycling, and white water kayaking. Out of those three I bet he would say white water kayaking is the best for your health.

The river isn’t so great right now (not enough water) so we went to the estuary so he could do some flat water tricks. 

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Kelseydo: When was the first time you tried white water kayaking?

Bro: When I was 15 or 16, there was an outdoor pursuits after school program that introduced me to white water kayaking. At first we just took daggers out on the ocean, and then we got in the smaller white water kayaks and just went to some small creek, which made me want to do more. At the end of the second term you had a choice to do climbing or white water and I decided to do white water.

Kelseydo: Was it challenging when you first started?

Bro: Well, they didn’t teach us how to roll at first, so yeah. The first thing they taught us was how to get out of the boat but the second thing they should’ve taught us was how to roll. Then you don’t have to get out of the boat every time (you flip over)  and be super, super tired. This is how they were teaching us, so we’d be going down the river and once and a while someone would bail and then one of the instructors would have to go down the river after them and save their ass. You’d just be soaking wet by the end of the day, which in the end, gave you really good survival skills cuz you did not want to flip over anymore.

Kelseydo: How often do you get out on the water now?

Bro: I try to get out at least two times a week, but mostly during the winter its flat water so that’s not as fun, but once the river starts getting up again then I try to go every day.

Kelseydo: Where are your favorite white water spots?

Bro: Well, I don’t have many spots I’ve actually been to. The rivers that I’ve done are Browns, Oyster, Puntledge, Kananaskis and the Cowichan.

Kelseydo: Out of those spots which one do you like the most?

Bro:The Puntledge is awesome. When the waters up, it’s a ball.

Kelseydo: What are the best and the worst parts about kayaking?

Bro: The best part is that it’s loads of fun, with limited injury compared to other outdoor sports like mountain biking. The worst part is the aspect that you could drown.

Kelseydo: Do you worry about that?

Bro: I don’t worry about it so much because I’m careful that I don’t go into the spots where you can get stuck in a giant hole, get tired and drown.

Kelseydo: Have you ever got stuck in one of those spots and been underwater for too long?

Bro: I got stuck underneath a root once. The root curved down into the ground and the water was going through under the curve. I was surfing a wave right in front of it called ‘tree wave’. I got pulled into the root, hit it, flipped over and I actually got pulled through the hole which was pretty fucking scary. I was lucky I didn’t get hung up anywhere cuz if I did I could’ve got stuck underwater. I was kayaking with two other people so if I was stuck they could help me though. I never kayak by myself on the river; going alone is dangerous.

Kelseydo: What would you say is gear that you can’t live without?

Bro: All of it. Helmet, Lifejacket, Boat, Paddle, all pretty important. For winter kayaking you need a lot of gear. My favorite piece of a equipment that I have is my paddle-full carbon fibre, zero degree feather and a neutral bent shaft. Really comfortable and super light, it makes it easy to get around.

Kelseydo: Have you ever lost your paddle?

Bro: I never let go of my paddle. My buddy let go of his paddle, and guess who had to go after it. It was only once, and I told him if you ever let go of that paddle again I’m going to beat the shit out of you…Anyways, next question.

Kelseydo: Sounds like an ordeal. So what tricks are you working on right now?

Bro:I’m working on my left-side cartwheel which sucks at the moment but I can do two sets in a row. I’m also working on my helix which is like an upside down 360. When you see it in person it looks completely different from what you expect it to be.

Kelseydo: If you could go anywhere in the world for white water where would you go?

Bro: Probably; Ottawa, New Zealand, Colorado. I don’t really want to go to like, the Nile, there are some big and nasty rivers out there. I would rather go to a place where there’s a nice wave, and just surf that all day.

Sounds good Dyl!

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kelseydo chocolate chip cookies

If there’s one thing I can make, it’s chocolate chip cookies. This is no great feat considering they’re right next to scrambled eggs on the easy-to-make-scale.

I got a cookbook from my cousin when I was eight that was called ‘Kid’s Cooking’ which is still the best cookbook around (it teaches you how to make scrambled eggs). The only recipe I carried on making from that cookbook was the chocolate chip cookies. They were called ‘Darrell’s Forget-the-cookies-just-give-me-that-batter”. Darrell and I had a lot in common. The cookie dough went in the fridge for an hour before cooking, so I pocketed a spoon and would sneak into the fridge whenever Mom wasn’t looking to dig into a few spoonfuls of dough. This is after already licking the dough-laden stirring spoon.

My Mom bought this English Bay cookie dough once that goes in the freezer and I had never seen the stuff and assumed it was cookie dough ice cream. After eating a good half a tub, I got the worst cookie dough tummy ache of my life. It was worth it.

In high school I had a friend who would buy the Pilsbury cookie dough rolls and just squeeze the dough straight into her mouth. She was all business, all the time.

I think when I was a kid I had some kind of enzyme to breakdown cookie dough that has depleted as I’ve aged. I just made Darrell’s good ol’ cookies a few minutes ago, ate a pinch size amount of cookie dough and now I am on the floor, typing in agony.

Painfully easy chocolate chip cookies (chez Darrell):

1 cup melted butter

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

2 eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla

(mix this stuff in one bowl)

3 cups flour

1 teaspoon baking soda

1/2 teaspoon salt

(mix this stuff in another bowl)

Mix the mixed wet ingredients into the mixed dry ingredients and add a bag of milk chocolate chips, stir it up and put it in the fridge for an hour.

(This is where you can start eating the dough. Be careful though- eating raw eggs is a controversial issue. Also: see above for tummy ache anecdote.)

Put balls of cookie dough on greased pan and bake in preheated 350 degree oven for 10 minutes.

BAM! Amazing chocolate chip cookies. You could enter a chocolate chip cookie bake-off with this recipe and win. Guaranteed. TRIPLE GUARANTEE!


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kelseydo banana bread

I tell people I can’t cook but I can bake but the truth is I can’t do either very well. Without a recipe I am completely lost, and you have food poisoning.

This week I made banana bread.

Last week I made banana bread’s old, crusty, deformed uncle.

I just googled ‘banana bread’ like any other top of the line pastry chef would do, found the recipe, got out the ingredients, and went to town. I made it in the breadmaker last week because I thought the breadmaker was supposed to be a no-brainer. Put the ingredients in the basket, put the basket in the breadmaker and press a button, twinkle-twinkle -little-star plays (japanese breadmaker) then I’m off to the living room couch to watch some Boardwalk Empire.

Half an hour into the baking process I smelled the burning smell coming from the kitchen. Smoke was coming out of the breadmaker.

The little window on top of the breadmaker reveals that the ingredients have turned into some kind of banana lava that has escaped the basket, overflowing into the bottom of the machine where it is starting a small fire.

I lose it and scream for Nick to come help me. He comes to the rescue, but then can’t do anything because he is laughing too hard at my expense.

He waits until it’s finished “baking”, opens it up, reaches in and pulls out a small piece of bread from the basket that is unscathed. With smoke still rising from the bread maker behind him and a mouthful of the disaster he says “This is the best banana bread you have ever made”.

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