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kelseydo motorcycling the cascades

Last weekend Nick and I went on a trip around BC’s Okanagan and down through the Cascades. The Sea-to-Sky highway from Vancouver to Whistler is always a beaut and the rest of the trip was also epically gorgeous. The Cascade mountain range passes through southern BC, Washington and Oregon to Northern California. We passed through the Washington section, and stayed in Winthrop, WA the night before passing through.

Winthrop is pretty much the most adorable town in the nation. For some reason the whole place is done up Old West style and I like that because it means everything is made of wood (wood is sexy). We stayed at the River’s Edge Resort. Pulled up and managed to get a cabin for $100 which included a full on kitchen and private hot tub. Hit the town for some eats at Carlos 1800 Mexican Grill and Cantina for some Conchinita Pibil- pork magic baked in a banana leaf and topped with red pickled onions. Delicious! Also mugs of Negra Modelo larger than my forearm= yikes! The onto the local Old Schoolhouse brewery for some award winning Ruud Awakening IPA. It was probably time to go home at that point but we made some lovely friends from Odessa, WA and decided to get a nightcap at Three-Fingered Jack’s Saloon. Amazing spot and fantastic bartender. Had some kind of wild and dark Deschutes brewed beer and then noticed there was a Fireball machine so obviously had to get some shots of that.

IMG_20140701_192045 IMG_20140701_204755 IMG_20140701_195224

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As you can imagine the next day was a pretty slow start. I managed to eat two robin sized bites of the cheese crust of my bagel and sipped a quarter of an ounce of sparkling water. Yowza. Somehow, motorcycling made me feel better? I add a question mark because we had to stop a few times for me to take vomit breaks >AHEM< take pictures (FYI I Didn’t actually vomit okay, I just felt like it might happen and I didn’t know how I was going to navigate that through my full-faced helmet). Here are some pics of the day taken by Nick Carota:

IMG_3916 IMG_3919 IMG_3935 IMG_3949 IMG_3959 IMG_3964 IMG_3977 IMG_3982 IMG_3989 IMG_3993

It turned out to be an epic day, and all the sweet twisties of the Cascades somehow took my Vomitron license away. We somehow made it all the way to some outlet stores where Nick bought me some Nine West swag on sale for being such a good hungover Kelsey.

Fantastic trip overall! Next time I will drink less beers and get up earlier. Also stop at regular times to eat so you don’t get hangry. My full license motorcycle road test is on Friday and I am going to nail it. Or fail. But either way look what I can do!

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kelseydo The Internet

The internet is an amazing distraction from real life. Social media was really invented to help us think that we are doing something productive while on the internet. Here are my last couple weeks on the information superhighway-on Instagram, twitter, Pinterest and my new tumblr account- to see how productive I’ve been.

My week on instagram

Kimchi Nabe with Penny & Matt

Kimchi Nabe with Penny & Matt

Raw Daikon dish at Acorn

Raw Daikon dish at Acorn on Main Street

Messing around with Amanda & Yoko

Messing around with Amanda & Yoko at Gelato on Robson Street

Mancakes: in rum & coke, breakfast, wine, apple camembert and more flavors

Mancakes for Nick’s birthday: in rum & coke, breakfast, wine, apple camembert and more flavors

The moustaches came out at Nick's birthday party

The moustaches came out for Nick’s birthday party at Colony bar in Kits

My week on twitter

1. Nick’s Birthday!

2. Trying to win tickets to Sakura night at Tojo’s Japanese restaurant

3. Debating going to a public pillow fight at the Vancouver Art Gallery

My week on Pinterest

1. Must-make: Chicken Avocado Lemongrass Salad

Vietnamese Salad 2. Must-have: Hipster Pillows

Hipster Pillows

3. Must-try: Yoga for runners

Yoga for Runners

My new blog project is called Say Hello to my Little Friend. Please visit this link to see my latest posts:


Productive? I think not. Creative? Maybe. Distracting? Definitely.

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kelseydo half marathon training

"Excited" faces

“Excited” for running faces

Nick and I are training for the Scotiabank Half Marathon in June. We started training once before, a few years ago, but it didn’t work out because a bunch of people decided to get married in the middle of our training and we had to go dance, drink, eat and celebrate instead. Also Nick didn’t want to do hill training. I tried to explain to him that no one ‘wants’ to do it, it simply must be done. Anyways moral of the story is: you can’t tell Nick what to do.

BUT he’s doing hill training now. He even seems to enjoy it. He’s a changed man: he drinks juice made of kale and spinach, runs on a mini foot elliptical while playing video games and goes to bed before 2am.

Running is difficult but rewarding. Our training schedule has us outside 5 times a week rain or shine (or snow a couple times!). We get the benefits of fresh air, taking a mental break and getting some exercise. Also, Nick read somewhere a while ago that “couples who work out together stay together” so there’s that.

Running Start to Finish

Inside this book is the training guide we’ve been using. Obviously it’s from the 90’s and it’s a bit dated but it’s a great beginner’s running guide plus my mom gave it to me so that also means it’s great. Also, I like looking at the pictures of people running/training in the book in their 90’s garb, it makes me feel really cool in my futuristic running gear.

Speaking of running gear. I find running really uncomfortable most of the time and usually I can find at least one thing going wrong with my gear to complain about while running. This is why running gear is so important. If the gear is good, there is less to complain about and the run can actually become fun. I know, weird right?

SPORTS BRAS are muy importante. I used to follow my elders and wear two sports bras at once: one that looked like some kind of post-op device and another run of the mill uniboob maker. Now I have sold my soul and wear the Lululemon TaTa Tamer:


It does the trick. They also carry this one, the Booby Bracer, which I bought and returned a day later:


It’s like putting on a really tight wetsuit every time. I decided it was unnecessary to go through that amount of discomfort to put a bra on. However it is supposed to mold to your body once you begin to sweat and your boobs will not move, I guarantee it. See how in the picture the model’s nipples are on top of her boobs, reaching for the ceiling? They were trying to rid themselves from the clutches of this skin tight device seconds before they got strapped in there and now they’re trapped like Hans Solo in a brick of Carbonite. There’s nowhere to go. It’s locked down in there, air tight.

I highly recommend this item by Moving Comfort that I purchased at Extreme Runners in Courtenay:


It’s an awesome sports bra. Very comfortable and keeps everything in place.

Shoes supplied by Courtenay Frontrunners

Shoes supplied by Courtenay’s Extreme Runners

RUNNING SHOES are of course another very important part of the gear- some might say the most important. Another reason why I love Extreme Runners in Courtenay is that they let you ‘try out’ (lightly) and return running shoes if they aren’t perfect. They should feel perfect when you try them on. I test out a bunch of different pairs and whichever runners make me feel the most like I’m running on clouds, are the runners I buy.

Dodging puddles

Dodging puddles

CHAFING is not part of your running wardrobe. I remove this problem by not wearing shorts; pants to the ankle or just below the knee are key. Nick removes this problem by wearing long shorts that have a shelf liner that keeps his business sealed and protected. Whatever you wear, you need to make sure there is no thigh-on-thigh action. Otherwise you will cry.

Another problem that I have, which probably only happens to me and maybe my mother (aka genetics), is that my pants are always falling down for the first 15 minutes of the run (until I start to sweat and the pants stick on). So far, the only solution I have is to a) buy tighter pants and b) wear pants that are slightly damp (aka not fully dry from being washed). If anyone has another solution- running suspenders, waistband glue- I’m all ears.

APPS We use RunKeeper to record and plan our runs. Nick has a Pebble- a watch that connects to his smartphone- which vibrates when we’ve completed our run.

What a beautiful day :S

What a beautiful day :S

Hope you enjoyed my tips. Please share some of your own tips/tricks with me! I still have a long way to go and a lot to work on before the half marathon.

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kelseydo long distance relationship

It is very difficult to be away from the people you love. In my case it has been no different. I really miss my friends and family. I especially miss my boyfriend, Nick! It’s really weird to go from living with someone and sharing (pretty much) every moment with them to depending on the internet to see and speak with each other.

I never thought I could pull off a long-distance relationship. I thought that when I got to Kyoto I would be an absolute mess and last maybe two weeks before returning home to Vancouver. No doubt, it has been an emotional rollercoaster but for the most part I have been able to keep my shit together. Luckily the internet also really came through for me. With the help of Skype, Instagram, Facetime and iMessage, Nick and I can continue to share our lives together (pretending there isn’t about 5000km between us). It’s not the same (I would kill for a hug), but it does the trick!

I think that keeping each other updated, talking about the crazy stages of feelings we are going through (and then laughing about it!) and having things to look forward to (seeing each other in 24 days!) have been our saving grace. Last weekend, Nick and I shared our lives together through photos (Me in Kyoto- checking out temples, and Nick in Comox- visiting my family!). It’s been a fine balance between enjoying the present moment, getting involved in life in Kyoto and missing home, while keeping in touch…but success: It’s working!

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