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kelseydo chicken stock

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my boyfriend Nick is the chef around these parts. He makes dinner every night. Sometimes I help by making salad or shredding cheese or drinking wine. He is an amazing cook and the food he makes is always so inspired and delicious. How am I supposed to compete with that? The answer is, I don’t. I just let him cook.

Nick's Chick

For instance, check out this roasted chicken he just made- it’s magical. He doesn’t even the google the recipe (the only way I make ANYTHING). He just finds stuff around the kitchen and shoves it in the chicken. This chicken has a whole pear shoved up its ass- genius! A little rosemary from the garden, and some lemon juice, salt and pepper. Maybe this sounds easy and obvious to you but for me this IS like rocket science.

I watched my mom make her own chicken stock and then some chicken + quinoa soup last week so I feel like I have the confidence to do it myself. ITS EASY she says. EASY FOR YOU I say.

Last time I made soup it was french onion. I burned the onions but decided they were still good (no they’re not). I put them in the soup with the cheesy croutons and I thought it looked pretty good. Nick took one taste and said ‘Did you burn the onions?’, I told him they might’ve been a little crisp. He wouldn’t eat the rest of it and I don’t blame him. My pride got the best of me in the moment and I ate that whole damn bowl of burnt onion soup.

Later on we were talking in bed and I smelled something burning…it was my breath.

Nick once convinced me that french onion soup takes four months to make. He explained that it was discovered somewhere in the south of france when some vagabonds came upon a cottage where the homeowner had died in the middle of making soup and had been dead for nearly half a year. The vagabonds tasted the soup and it was the most delicious thing they had ever tasted. The end.

I am very gullible. Nick is a big fat liar.

ANYWAYS- chicken stock is easy. You just throw a whole chicken carcass into a big pot and cover it with cool water.  Then you chop up celery, onions, carrots and throw them in the pot. Add some salt and pepper to season. Bring it all to a boil and then simmer for 4 hours.

Now you have chicken stock…and you can do whatever you want with it (AKA get your boyfriend to make you dinner with it).

kelseydo soup

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