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kelseydo hill training

Remember this post a few months ago about my half-marathon training?


Well it’s a few months later, I injured my leg and stopped running for 4 weeks, spent too much money on physio and now I’m back running 10 and 1’s (run 10 mins walk 1 min).

Hill training is a big part of the half-marathon training. It consists of running 3km to a hill, running up and down the hill and then running 3km home. In this training there were 9 weeks of hills which means week 1 wednesday we run 1 hill up to week 9 wednesday we run 9 hills.

The idea behind hill training is that you will most likely only run one to a few hills in a half-marathon so training up to 9 hills makes you feel like a few hills are child’s play.


Hills are hard. This picture is on the first hill, the 9th hill was too messy for the internet. They take a long time and there’s a lot of short breath and burning calves happening. As my mom’s hand me down 80’s running handbook says, every time you get to the last hill, you need to say out loud “character”. This is supposed to remind you that your training/goals are not useless. It is also what you are supposed to say to yourself on race day when you see a hill.

Let’s hope it works!


Here we come Vancouver Scotiabank 1/2 marathon

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kelseydo Good Food at UBC: Bubble Waffle and Mini Mart

I’ve been finishing off my undergraduate for what seems like forever at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. You would think that a University would be a virtual smorgasbord for cheap delicious unique eats. For the first two years I literally could not find anything good or cheap to eat on campus but for some reason, in my third year, I have hit the jackpot. I probably wasn’t looking hard enough and not living on or near campus made it less likely for me to search the UBC streets for delicious eats.

In my search I found another blogger with my same concerns about the UBC food sitch, and a post she wrote on the same place I am recommending today. You can check Fiona the Foodie’s post here:

But there are some good finds, and because I was unable to find anything on the internet about nice food at UBC, I will share with you my gluttonous endeavours. You’re welcome.

First up, BUBBLE WAFFLE CAFE! Located at the Village next to McDonalds near the 99 B Line bus stop.

Cheesecake Bubble Waffle

Cheesecake Bubble Waffle

This cafe sells everything from noodle soup to bubble tea to deep fried octopus balls. It’s a super snack shop. So many delicious snacks, all in one place. So far, I have only tried the legendary bubble waffles but I will be trying other items asap!

Also, upstairs from the cafe is a magical MINI SUPER which carries a wide variety of Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Southeast Asian dry goods. There are also cosmetics. For some reason cosmetic products with snail byproduct are super trendy right now which is weird but I’m a slave to the groove so I bought a snail mask. Maybe it will make my skin nice and slimy or  averse to salt or something.

Noodles, Face Masks and Spice

Noodles, Face Masks and Spice

See, there is good food at UBC! To be continued…

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