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Nick started motorcycling a few years ago and from the moment he got on a bike it has been his sometimes all-consuming passion. I have sat on the back of his motorcycle many times. Sometimes holding on for dear life and sometimes barely holding on at all. I have experienced every human emotion on the back of that motorcycle, from terrifying fear to overwhelming joy. I’ve even fallen asleep on the back of that thing a couple times.

My brother Dylan also rides motorcycles. He learned from a friend of his. He now has a road bike, a dirt bike and a track bike. Yes, I would call it an obsession.

Last year Nick, Dylan and I bought motorcycles (two of them, I sat on the back of one) in Japan and went on a 21 day trip from Kyoto throughout Chugoku, Kyushuu, Shikoku and back to Kyoto again. You can see many photos from the trip on My instagram (@kelseydo) or Nick’s instagram (@nickcarota) but you are going to have to scroll back through about one year in photos. One day Nick will make the millions of hours of footage he filmed of the trip into a documentary. We all hope that one day is soon but you know- you can’t rush the artist’s process.

Nick and Dylan both have a few years experience, thousands of miles on bikes and motorcycling onesies. I will never be as cool as them. Also if you ever get a chance to watch the incredible documentary “Why We Ride” (2013)¬†you’ll understand when I say I don’t have the ‘motorcycling seed’ but they do. All that being said I still (after being pressured by Nick) took a motorcycling course with ProRide (highly recommended) and plan to get my full licence within the next 6 months.

I am pissed cuz Nick is making me do u-turns 30 billion times in a row

I am pissed in this photo because Nick is making me do u-turns 30 billion times in a row.

He makes me a better person.

Say hello to my little friend

This lil guy rode all the way from Deep Cove to Mount Seymour with me.

Your band's next album cover

This photo was taken by Nick on my first big road trip to Duffy Lake and Ashcroft, BC. Dylan joined us on the trip, so I basically had an escort the whole time- one bike in front and one behind- and Yoshino (visiting Canada for the first time from Japan) was there to take in the sights and give me moral support. I only had one meltdown on the whole trip!

My next bike- the new Honda Grom- is soooo cute!

This face says: I love/want this bike. The new Honda Grom. Isn’t it cute?

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