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kelsey do half-marathon training

Recently I was inspired by a friend to train for a half-marathon. I have jogged before in the past so it wasn’t an insane idea, but I am not too good at maintaining a schedule after about a week so it has been challenging. Nick and I decided we would train for the Seawheeze Lululemon Half-Marathon on August 11th. Then I checked out the entrance fee and decided rather than paying $350 to run 21km, we would just do our own race, that we have nicknamed “the anti-lulu”. We are training simply to finish, so the training is pretty straightforward. I used the book “Running Start to Finish” by John Stanton to sort out the training schedule.

Please note that when I say run, I mean jog. I am the slowest runner in the nation. Nick has a hard time running as slow as I do and has to jog on the spot sometimes so I can keep up to him. In all fairness the man is 6’5″ and I am 5’7″, there is a slight leg span advantage in his favor. But don’t be fooled, I run slowly. One of my friends on Pinterest has a quote pinned that says “it doesn’t matter how slow you run you are still lapping the people on the couch”. I’m not about to speed up.

Nick puts up with a lot of my B.S. in general, but he puts up with most of it on our runs. I try not to complain to much, but I will come up with any possible reason take a break during our runs.

Running Excuses

We are on week 4 of our training program! I hope it gets easier…

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